Commit 8145f6db authored by Robin Schoonover's avatar Robin Schoonover

In 8.x, fix displaying of quest IDs.

parent 968e3ec9
......@@ -173,11 +173,11 @@ end
hooksecurefunc("QuestMapFrame_UpdateAll", function()
for i, frame in ipairs(QuestMapFrame.QuestsFrame.Contents.Titles) do
for i, frame in ipairs(QuestMapFrame.QuestsFrame.Contents:GetLayoutChildren()) do
if not frame._alltheids_hooked then
frame._alltheids_hooked = true
frame:HookScript("OnEnter", function(self)
local _, _, _, _, _, _, _, questID = GetQuestLogTitle(self.questLogIndex)
local questID = self.questID
if questID and GameTooltip:GetOwner() == self then
addon:AddIDLine(GameTooltip, "Quest", questID)
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