Commit 36d6c812 authored by Robin Schoonover's avatar Robin Schoonover

Handle item id for heirlooms in the heirloom collection, much like the toy box collection.

parent 38a31b56
Pipeline #197 passed with stages
......@@ -89,6 +89,14 @@ addon:HookTip("SetGlyphByID", function(self, id)
addon:AddIDLine(self, "Glyph", id)
addon:HookTip("SetHeirloomByItemID", function(tip, itemid)
-- This won't cause the OnTooltipSetItem to be called, and the tooltip
-- won't actually be filled in during the same call either, so we need
-- to remember what item it was.
tip._alltheid_type = "Item"
tip._alltheid_id = itemid
addon:HookTip("SetHyperlink", function(self, link)
local _, _, name, id = strfind(link, "(%w+):(%d+)")
addon:AddIDLine(self, name:gsub("^%l", string.upper), id)
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